Most Extreme Mouth: Basking shark

  • The Megamouth shark was a very close runner up, but the Basking shark receives the title this time. But don’t be frightened. Their mouth may be extreme, but it’s designed so it can filter tiny plankton out of the water. Even though it may not look like it, they do have teeth. Many of them actually, but they are extremely small. 

Most Badass Babies: Sand Tiger shark

  • Sand Tiger sharks exhibit intrauterine cannibalism. This means while in the womb the embryo that reaches about 10cm first will feed off of the smaller embryos. After about 8-12 months the mother sand tiger shark will give birth to a single young, a young who just spent it’s time in the womb consuming its could’ve-been siblings. Pretty badass~

Most Extreme Tail: Thresher shark

  • Thresher sharks are immediately identifiable by their long, whip-like caudal fin that they use as a weapon to stun their prey. Because just using fins for stabilization and swimming was just too boring for them.

Most Toxic: Greenland shark

  • Eating a shark is never good, but eating a Greenland shark is much worse. Their meat is actually quite toxic due to the toxintrimethylamine oxide. Unfortunately people have found methods of preparing the meat to avoid getting sick. (Boooooo..)

Most Metal: Tiger shark

  • Unfortunately, Tiger sharks don’t get this title because they’re cruising around listening to various heavy metal bands on their MP3 players. This title is given to them because they’ve been found with actual metal objects in their stomachs. And we’re not talking about some unlucky paparazzi diver who got his camera eaten, we’re talking license plates and other metal objects that shouldn’t be in the sea. Although it’s not surprising for them, they’ll even eat other sharks species. People probably wished you were more like them when you were growing up and having your ~super picky about food~ phase.

Credits: [Basking][Sand Tiger][Thresher][Greenland][Tiger]


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I recently made the decision to create a quick mini animation in both Paint Tool Sai + Photoshop. It turned out pretty good, it definitely could be better, but I’m too tired to work on it any further. I also threw some text on top of the gif to show you what effects I used, plus animation thumbnails below it. Enjoy!

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Devil’s Aquifer

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Mako screencap redraw! Gosh, those buns on her dress are just adorable!